We make and wear in the world

Dong Hwan and YH Trading aim to become the world class manufacturer, leveraging on its 50 years of differentiated experience and expertise in integrated fabric production management and consistent quality assurance.


As a part of expansion of new business portfolio, YH Trading Co., LTD. was founded as a subsidiary company of Dong Hwan for direct export business to satisfy customer needs for flexible infrastructure in fabric manufactures with vertical integration.

Having started direct export business both for conventional and digital print production since 2008, YH Trading maintains successful partnerships with global market leaders until today such as Marc Jacobs, NORDSTROM, Ann Taylor, J Jill, GAP, Express, JCP, Kohl's, Target and etc.

As the largest manufacturer of print and dyeing in Korea, the company is recently expanding into a state-of-the-art dyeing and printing machines with a fully capable network of designs, communications and print/dyeing manufacturing.